Pick Up Drop Off Laundry Service Min Min

​Wash & Fold Drop Off Laundry Service near Atwater

Here at Broadway Laundromat we offer full service laundry near Atwater. Simply drop your laundry off with us and we will have it done in 48 hours or less, with quality Kirkland products, to save you time and stress. Our wash and fold laundry service near Merced, Atwater, Livingston, Winton cost $1.10 per lb. with a $15 minimum. Laundry will be ready for pickup the next day on weekdays, and same day if dropped off on weekends.

Our wash clothes service also applies to comforters and large blankets for $12 each. We can wash dog beds, blankets, sheets, quilts, pillowcases and sleeping bags for the standard per lb. rate.

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

We use all Kirkland brand products (detergent, softener, and dryer sheets) for our drop off laundry service. We offer bleach and ALL Free & Clear options at no additional charge, upon request. We also offer Oxi-Clean, Clorox 2, stain pretreatment, and hangers for a small additional fee.

The drop off times are as follows

  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am-1pm, 3pm-7pm, 8pm-10pm.
  • Monday-Friday: 8am-9am, 11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm, 5pm-6pm, 8pm-10pm.
  • Weekday drop offs are ready the following day.
  • Weekend drop offs may be ready same day if dropped off before 1pm.

Whenever possible we will seek to fulfill special fluff and fold requests such as: specific wash and dry temperatures, requested hang drying, delicate bags, etc. We will notify you if we have a question or are unable to fulfill a special request. Whites/lights and darks can be separated upon request. Your clothes will never be mixed with another customers laundry. All drop-offs are neatly folded and bagged.